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Diamond Distillery Guyana

Demerara Distillers Ltd is the result of centuries of mergers and acquisitions in one of the oldest rum producing regions in the world. Numerous copper and stainless steel stills and wooden pot and column stills produce a variety of marques of rum that are then aged in Guyana to produce their iconic rums. I have selected a blend of rums aged up to five years old from which to blend my Hamilton rums.

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There are 4 products from Diamond Distillery

Item No. ABV Volume Case UPC
Hamilton 151 Overproof 75.5% 750 ml 12 0 00513072921
Hamilton 151 Overproof Liter 75.5% One Liter 12 0 00513 07297 6
HamiltonĀ 86 proof 43% 750 ml 12 0 00513072938
HamiltonĀ 86 proof Liter 43% One Liter 12 0 00513 07296 9