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La Favorite Ambré 45% - distilled by La Favorite - Martinique French West Indies

The fresh sugar cane aroma is high-lighted with a white oak tone which carries through the citrus and fruit body to the rich tannins in the finish.

Distilled as coeur de canne, La Favorite Rhum Agricole Ambré gains it's golden tint while aging two years in used American whisky and bourbon barrels.

More information at the Ministry of Rum website.
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Item ABV Volume Case UPC
LF-A90-6 45% 1 L 6 898930000036
Originally built in 1842, today the La Favorite rhum distillery borders the sprawling metropolis of Fort de France
La Favorite property
Much of the sugar cane processed here is grown on the estate, but La Favorite also buys sugar cane from local farmers who have grown sugar cane for generations. After harvesting in the field all of the cane is unloaded here, weighed, crushed and the juice put into the stainless steel fermentation tanks.
La Favorite Steam Engine

The massive cane mills at La Favorite are some of the largest and oldest on Martinique. After the rhum season, Jan - June, workers are busy repairing the rollers that crush the cane, replacing bearings and other maintenance required to get this machinery that dates to the early decades of the last century ready for the next cane harvest and rhum season.
La Favorite Cane Mill

After shredding and crushing the fibrous cane stalks, the resulting straw-like fiber fuels the boiler that generates steam for the steam engine that powers the cane mills, pumps and conveyers as well as steam for distillation.
This steam-powered pump moves the fresh juice from the sump under the cane mills to the fermentation tanks. La Favorite bagasse

La Favorite ferments the fresh juice for three days using commercial yeast. After fermentation the vesou is distilled in the columns below.
La Favorite fermentation

There are two column stills at La Favorite, the oldest is all copper construction. The other is stainless steel in the lower part of the still and copper in the upper sections.
The clear distillate is distilled to about 72% ABV as is the standard for Martinique AOC rhum agricole.
The distillate is condensed at about 72% ABV
Aged one to two years in used American whiskey and/or bourbon
1200 liter limousine oak barrels

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Item No. ABV Volume Btl/Case UPC
LF-B-6 50% 1 L 6 898930000005
LF-B55-6 55% 1 L 6 898930000050
LF-VSOP-6 41% 1 L 6 898930000043