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Hamilton 151 Overproof Liter - distilled by Diamond Distillery - Guyana

The most popular 151 in tiki bars in one liter bottles.

Hamilton Demerara Overproof is a unique blend of aged rums distilled and aged at the Diamond Distillery in Guyana and bottled at 151 proof. This rum was imported in bulk containers, then bottled at Five & 20 Distillery, Westfield, NY.

This full-flavor blend of pot and continuous still rums was blended to complement tiki drinks as an ingredient and as a float on your favorite rum cocktail.

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Item ABV Volume Case UPC
DEM-151-12L 75.5% One Liter 12 0 00513 07297 6
The molasses used at Demerara Distillers Ltd comes from Guyana and contained 65% dissolved sugar, one of the highest sugar contents of any molasses found in the Caribbean. The high sugar content is attributed to the age of the Guyanese sugar mill.
Demerara Distillers Ltd. utilizes a variety of column and pot stills the company acquired through acquisitions over the past 300 years. Among the unique stills are a wooden pot and a wooden column still that distill the heavier rums while copper and stainless column stills are used to make lighter rums.

Imported as bulk rum in 1000 liter IBC tanks, the 77% ABV spirit was diluted with filtered water to 75.5% ABV.

Prior to bottling, this blend was filtered with a five micron filter to remove charcoal that may be suspended in the liquid and that might prevent a malfunction in the bottling machine.
Bottles are filled with a six bottle gravity feed filler.
Filling Bottles Filling Bottles
Bottles being filled

Filling Bottles
Putting in the synthetic corks

Finished bottles with capsules and labels

Pallet of filled bottles.
56 cases on a pallet ready for shipment to a distributor in your state.

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