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Neisson Single Barrel 2014 - distilled by Neisson - Martinique French West Indies

Neisson Rhum Agricole Single Barrel 2016
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Item ABV Volume Case UPC
N-SB2014-6 51% 750 ml 6
Neisson harvests sugar cane from 17 plots of land that are either owned or leased by the family. Different canes are grown on these plots according to soil, irrigation and sunlight conditions on each plot.
Neisson cane cutting
Cane cutting begins at sunrise and by early afternoon, everything that has been cut has been trucked to the distillery where it has been weighed, crushed and the juice put into the stainless steel fermentation tanks.
Neisson cane cutting

A combination of wild yeast strains, cultivated from the sugar cane fields at Neisson are grown in France by a champagne yeast producer. The criteria for the yeast is the flavor, resistance to high temperatures during fermentation and yeast that will effect complete fermentation.

Sugar cane is harvested during the first six months of the year when the cane has the highest sugar content. Once the tropical rainy season showers arrive in July the sugar content plummets and there isn't enough sugar in the cane to effect good fermentation.

Neisson Still
Distillation takes place in a modified Savale still. The single-column, copper still takes the approximately 5% sugar cane juice wine and strips the alcohol from the wine and concentrates it to about 72% Alcohol by Volume.

The copper still at Neisson was custom made by Savalle. It has been refurbished several times since it was installed in 1932 as the copper is depleted by sulphur compounds in the fermented vesou, or cane juice wine.
All of the clear distillate passes through the sight glass. Gauges above the sight glass monitor temperature at several points in the ten meter tall still.
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Item No. ABV Volume Btl/Case UPC
N-15YR-6 44.7% 1 L 6 8-1836700004-1
N-18YR-6 43.6% 1 L 6 8-1836700004-1
N-B-6 50% 1 L 6 8-1836700001-0
N-B52.5-6 52.5% 1 L 6 8-1836700001-0
N-ESB-6 50% 1 L 6 8-1836700003-4
N-B70-6 70% 1 L 6 8-1836700001-0
N-P105-6 54.2% 750ml 6
N-RS-6 42% 1 L 6 8-1836700004-1
N-SB2013-6 50.8% 750 ml 6
N-SB2015-6 57% 750 ml 6
N-VPN-6 45% 750 ml 6
N-OB-6 52.5% 1 L 6 8-1836700096-8