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Jamaica WNJME 2011 #435782 - distilled by Clarendon Estate - Jamaica

Shipped to K & L Wines, CA - Mar, 2022.

In May 2011, this rum was distilled in a copper pot still at the Clarendon Estate where it aged in used bourbon and whiskey barrels until it was recasked and shipped to the UK in 2019. It continued to mature in the UK until it was shipped to the US for bottling in 2021.

Nothing was added to this cask-strength 10 year old Jamacian Pot Still Rum. Only 215 bottles of this rum were bottled.
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Item ABV Volume Case UPC
WNJME-2011-435782 68.2% 750 ml 12 000513081404
Clarendon Estate distillery operates two pot stills and a large production column still. This rum was produced in one of the pot stills with two retorts. The stainless collar around the 'pot' insulates and protects the pot to increase efficiency.

Clarendon Estate pot still
credit Matt Pietrik

Clarendon Estate pot still
credit Matt Pietrik
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WNJME-2011-435754 68.1% 750 ml 12 000513081435
WNJME-2011-435767 68.6% 750 ml 12 000513081428
WNJME-2011-435768 68.1% 750 ml 12 000513081411
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WNJME-2013-434516 68.1% 750 ml 12 000513081398