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15 plates + 5-9 plates for concentration at the top of the still,
diameter must be between 0.7 and 2 meters

Distillation Column at Neisson
Savalle still at Neisson, installed in 1932.

Distillation Columns at La Favorite.
Distillation Columns at La Favorite. Notice the height of these columns.
The still for Duquesne is located at La Mauny since 2005.
Duquesne Still
Duquesne Still
Two columns at J.M
Distillation Columns at J.M.
Distillation Columns at J.M.
St James Stills
Distillation Columns at J.M.
Stills at DePaz
Distillation Columns at DePaz
Copper and Stainless Steel Still at DePaz

Distillate must be less than 75% ABV
sight glass at Neisson
Sight glass at Neisson

After distillation all of the rhum goes into stainless tanks for a minimum of two months.

Tanks at DePaz

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