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Neisson Esprit - distilled by Neisson - Martinique French West Indies

During the six-month rhum making season the cane, fermentation and distillation varies. When everything is just right, Gregory Neisson puts some of this distillate aside to be bottled as l'Esprit. This spirit of Neisson is bottled at 70% ABV, only a couple of percentage points below the 72% ABV at which it is distilled. Considered the best of Neisson, in 2013 only about 3000 liters were collected for this marque.

Lighter in character than Neisson Blanc l'Esprit should not be underestimated. Freshly-harvested sugar cane in the aroma carries through the body highlighted with citrus, fruit and floral notes. The fresh sugar cane taste continues into the rich, clean finish.

Story of Neisson pdf 4.15.2016
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Item ABV Volume Case UPC
N-B70-6 70% 1 L 6 8-1836700001-0
The distillate is condensed at about 72% ABV
Other products from Neisson imported by Caribbean Spirits Inc.
Item No. ABV Volume Btl/Case UPC
N-15YR-6 44.7% 1 L 6 8-1836700004-1
N-18YR-6 43.6% 1 L 6 8-1836700004-1
N-B-6 50% 1 L 6 8-1836700001-0
N-B52.5-6 52.5% 1 L 6 8-1836700001-0
N-ESB-6 50% 1 L 6 8-1836700003-4
N-RS-6 42% 1 L 6 8-1836700004-1