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Duquesne Martinique French West Indies Select State

Named for Admiral Duquesne, the captain of the port of Martinique at the time when Martinique was the most important trading port in the Caribbean, Duquesne rhums are produced at the La Mauny distillery not far from the southeast coast of the island.

Production at a larger distillery allows Duquesne rhums to be sold at less cost than the other rhums in the Caribbean Spirits portfolio.

More about Duquesne rhums at the Ministry of Rum.

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There are 2 products from Duquesne

Item No. ABV Volume Case UPC
Duquesne √Čleve Sous Bois Rhum Agricole 40% 1 Liter 6 3 267130 034405
Duquesne Rhum Agricole Blanc 50% 1 L 6 3 267130 034375