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Jamaican Rum
Known for producing the heaviest rums in the Caribbean, Jamaican distillers have been producing rum since the 17th century.
Patented in 1670, Lluidas Vale is a 1200' elevation plateau nestled in the central Jamaican mountains. Worthy Park Estate is the principal feature of this lush valley where sugar cane has been grown for nearly 350 years.
Today, this privately owned sugar mill is the most efficient of the handful of sugar mills operating on the island. Molasses from the sugar mill is used as the raw material for the single pot still with two retorts. Modern control systems are married with traditional still design to produce three distinct rum products - light, very light and heavy bodied rums that are blended to make Worthy Park Rums.
In addition to the traditional heavy Jamaican rums, Worthy Park ages some of their lighter rums in used American oak barrels for their Worthy Park Gold rum.
Worthy Park 1
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Label ABV Volume Case UPC
Hamilton Jamaican Pimento Dram 30% 750ml 12
Hamilton Jamaican Pot Still Black Rum 46.5% 750ml 12 000513072807
Hamilton Jamaican Pot Still Gold Rum 46.5% 750ml 12 000513072891