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Worthy Park 1 YO - distilled by Worthy Park Estate - Jamaica

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Item ABV Volume Case UPC
WP 1YO 69.7% 1
Jamaica is located near the geographic center of the Caribbean, south of Cuba and west of Hispaniola.
Worthy Park Estate is close to the geographic center of Jamaica.
Worthy Park Estate goes all of its own cane on the estate.
Worthy Park Cane
Sugar has been the main crop at Worthy Park Estate since 1670.
Worthy Park Sugar Mill
The sugar mill is the most efficient on the island and turns tons of sugar cane into sugar and molasses that will be used to make Worthy Park Rum. Worthy Park Sugar Mill
Other products from Worthy Park Estate imported by Caribbean Spirits Inc.
Item No. ABV Volume Btl/Case UPC
JPD-12 30% 750ml 12 000513072914
JPD21-12 21% 750ml 12 00051307291-4
JPD-12-375ML 30% 375ml 12 000513081039
JPSB-12 46.5% 750ml 12 000513072907
JPSB-12-375ML 46.5% 375ml 12 000513081022
JPSB-12L 46.5% One Liter 12 000513073010
JPSBLD-12 45% 750ml 12 000513073003
JPSG-12 46.5% 750ml 12 000513072891
JPSG-12-375ML 46.5% 375ml 12 000513072807
JPSG-12L 46.5% One Liter 12 000513072983