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Barbados MBFS 2010 #20 - distilled by Barbados - Barbados

225 bottles and more details coming

A blend of pot and column still rum from Foursquare on Barbados. These rums from Foursquare are the only ones that are blends from different stills in this collection.
Balanced cinnamon, toffee and meringue on the nose with blended spice, baked apple, coconut and papaya in the mid palate followed by toasted sandalwood in the finish.

There were 18 cases of Barbados MBFS 2010 #20 bottled.
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Item ABV Volume Case UPC
MBFS-2010-20 59.5% 750 ml 12 0 0051308111 4
Foursquare employs two custom built stills, a pot still with a short column and a three-column still.
The pot still is coupled with two retorts and a cooling system that cools the distillate to maximize reflux.
The larger, three-column still is capable of producing several lighter product streams than the pot still and is unique in that it operates at below atmospheric pressure which reduces the energy required to heat the fermented wash and adds flexibility to the distiller's control of the product stream.
Foursquare Pot Still
credit Matt Pietrik

Foursquare Column Still
credit Matt Pietrik
Distilled in Dec 2010 in pot and column stills, then aged at the distillery. In 2015 these barrels were shipped to the UK where it continued to mature until 2021 when it was shipped to the US for bottling.
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