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Neisson since 1931 Martinique French West Indies

Founded in 1931 by Jean and Adrien Neisson, the smallest distillery on Martinique has enjoyed considerable success due in large part to a unique combination of rich volcanic soil, plentiful sunshine and a family’s dedication to fine rhum. Today, Grégory Vernant, Jean Neisson’s grandson, continues the passionate work of making Neisson Rhum Agricole. Neisson Rhum Agricole has a distinct fresh sugar cane aroma and smooth finish. It is a popular drink in this part of the islands and can be found in every local rum shop. Neisson Rhum Agricole has a distinct fresh sugar cane aroma and smooth finish.

From only 40 hectares of sugar cane fields located on what is known as the Habitation Thieubert, near the coastal town of Carbet, only about 400,000 liters of Rhum Neisson are produced annually.

In 2016, Neisson harvested five of the 12 varieties of sugar cane allowed by the AOC. The breakdown looked like this: R69.566 (blue cane)-75%, B64.277 (red cane)-10%, B59.92-5%, B51-129-5% and R533-5%.

In the last decade the distillery has undergone extensive modernization including a new laboratory where yeast cultures are stored, an aging warehouse built to contain everything in the event of a fire and the acquisition of large, new French oak vats in which the Élevé Sous Bois rhum rests before being bottled. Hundreds of small French and American oak barrels have also been added to the aging inventory in an effort to meet the increasing demand for this much sought-after rhum.

All of the Neisson rhum is distilled, aged and bottled at the distillery.

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There are 13 products from Neisson

Item No. ABV Volume Case UPC
NEISSON AGED RHUM 2013 50.8% 6/750ML 50.8% 750 ml 6 818367000140
Neisson 15 Year Old 44.7% 1 L 6
Neisson 18 Year Old 43.6% 1 L 6
Neisson Blanc 50% 1 L 6 818367000010
Neisson Blanc 52.5 52.5% 1 L 6 818367000201
Neisson Esprit 70% 1 L 6 818367000102
Neisson Profile 105 54.2% 750ml 6 818367000126
Neisson Reserve Speciale 42% 1 L 6 818367000041
Neisson Single Barrel 2014 51% 750 ml 6 818367000133
Neisson Single Barrel 2015 57% 750 ml 6 818367000164
Neisson Vieux par Neisson 45% 750 ml 6 818367000157
Neisson Éleve Sous Bois 50% 1 L 6 818367000034
Organic by Neisson 52.5 52.5% 750 6 818367000096