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Saint Lucia Pot Still 5 Year Old Cask Strength Rum 2009 SOLD OUT - distilled by Saint Lucia Distillers Ltd. - Saint Lucia

Casks #141, 444 and 385 were used to age American bourbon and whiskey then sold to Saint Lucia Distillers Ltd. In late 2014, after aging St Lucian Pot Still rum for at least five years, these casks were shipped to the US where the contents were bottled at cask strength. Scroll down for more details about these casks and their history.

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There were 63 cases of Saint Lucia Pot Still 5 Year Old Cask Strength Rum 2009 SOLD OUT bottled. Hi res image

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Item ABV Volume Case UPC
SL-115-5CS-12 59.2% 750ml 12 000513072815
St Lucia is located roughly 1000 miles north of the equator in the Eastern Caribbean island chain.
St Lucia
St Lucia
St Lucia
St Lucia Distiller Ltd is just south of Marigot Bay
The molasses used at St Lucia Distillers was sourced from Guyana and contained 65% dissolved sugar, one of the highest sugar contents of any molasses found in the Caribbean. The high sugar content is attributed to the age of the Guyanese sugar mill.
There are three stills at St Lucia Distillers Ltd. A continuous column still, the Vendome still below and another smaller pot still.
Vendome Pot Still at St Lucia Distillers Ltd.
Installed in 2002, this Vendome Pot Still has a capacity of about 2000 liters.
The distillate is condensed at about 82% ABV
After distillation, the distillate is collected in large tanks where several batches of distillate are blended. From these tanks, second-use American oak barrels are filled with fresh rum at about 70% ABV.
Barrels for shipment
Barrels of rum secured for shipment.

Barrels for shipment
Barrels of rum in the shipping container.
Before a shipment bound for the US can be accepted, an ISF filing must declare shipment details. Here is a look at the required ISF filing.

From Vieux Fort, St Lucia the container was shipped on the Conrad S to Trinidad where the cargo was transshipped on the Shippan Island to Bridgetown, Barbados then St Johns, Antigua and then on to Redhook Terminal, New York, NY. After being barged to the port in Newark, the container was trucked to the warehouse in South Kearney, NJ.

Shipping Route

Conrad S
Conrad S
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Shippan Island
Shippan Island
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From the NJ warehouse, the barrels were trucked to Five & 20 Spirits distillery in Westfield, NY for bottling.

Casks 141, 444 and 385 aged Vendome Pot Still rum five years at St Lucia Distillers Ltd. before being shipped to the US in 2014. These casks were batched and then bottled at cask strength at Five & 20 Spirits by Joe Nelson. During the three months between shipping and bottling, the alcohol content by volume increased approximately 0.1% with a corresponding decrease in volume.

Barrel 141
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Cask #141 was first filled with Vendome Pot Still rum in November 2009.
Barrel 444
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Cask #444 was first filled with Vendome Pot Still rum in June 2008,
refilled in may 2009 and then refilled again with Vendome Pot Still
rum in November 2009.
Barrel 385
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Cask #385 was first filled with Vendome Pot Still rum in May 2009,
then refilled with Vendome Pot Still rum in November 2009.
Emptying Barrels.
Barrels are emptying using a vacuum pump.

Prior to bottling, this blend was filtered with a five micron filter to remove charcoal that may be suspended in the liquid and that might prevent a malfunction in the bottling machine.
No flavoring or color was added.

Bottles are filled with a six bottle gravity feed filler.
Filling Bottles Filling Bottles
Bottles being filled

Filling Bottles
Putting in the synthetic corks

Labeling Bottles
Filled bottled being labeled.

Labeling Bottles
Finished bottles with capsules and labels

Pallet of filled bottles.
56 cases on a pallet ready for shipment to a distributor in your state.

There was no caramel added to this rum.

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SL-813-8CS-12 65.8% 750ml 12 SOLDOUT
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SL-115-8CS-12-592 62.3% 750ml 12 000513072853
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SL-115-9CS-12-40 65.7% 750ml 12 000513072877
SL-115-9CS-12-420# ~65% 750ml 12 SOLDOUT
SL-813-993-12 46.5% 750ml 12 Soldout