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Breezeway Blend - distilled by West Indies distilleries - West Indies

The latest Hamilton blend crafted and bottled specifically for Spike's Breezeway Cocktail Hour, a highly regarded YouTube show with a passionate audience of tiki and home bartender enthusiasts. BreezewayCocktailHour

Building on his successful career as a commercial photographer, designer and musician with an interest in tiki culture, Spike began his Breezeway Cocktail Hour on YouTube during the pandemic to put his video production talents to work exploring the world of tiki culture while offering some entertainment relief at a time when many people were trying to perfect their own home bartending skills. With more than a hundred and fifty shows online, Spike built a loyal following for the Breezeway Cocktail Hour highlighting better rum cocktails and establishing himselft as a trusted voice in the industry.

After several appearances on the show, Ed agreed to work with Spike and his audience to blend a rum that would add another dimension to daiquiris, long drinks and the home bar. Blending his Jamaican Pot Still Blonde and White Stache, at 42.5% ABVthe Breezeway Blend has a slight straw color and hotes of ripe banana and tropical fruit on the palate leading to a clean smooth finish, the signature of Hamilton rums.

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Item ABV Volume Case UPC
H-BZWYB-12L 42.5% 1 Liter 12 000513081510

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