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Neisson 18 Year Old - distilled by Neisson - Martinique French West Indies

Neisson 18 Year Old rum. Aged 18 years in new Sequin Moreau Limousin Oak barrels. Only about 50 barrels of this rhum were put away 18 years ago. Less than six barrels of this rhum were bottled. Liters were only bottled for the US market.

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Item ABV Volume Case UPC
N-18YR-6 43.6% 1 L 6
The copper still at Neisson was custom made by Savalle. It has been refurbished several times since it was installed in 1932 as the copper is depleted by sulphur compounds in the fermented vesou, or cane juice wine.
All of the clear distillate passes through the sight glass. Gauges above the sight glass monitor temperature at several points in the ten meter tall still.
The distillate is condensed at about 72% ABV
In 1993, Neisson began putting away their best white rhum into ~200 liter French limousin oak barrels made by Sequin Moreau.
Each year the contents were tasted and after a few years, the contents were topped up using rhum from the same vintage.
After ten years they began bottling some of this rhum as vintage rhum which was only available at the distillery.
Today there are 15 and 18 year old rhums available in the US in one-liter bottles, since 700ml bottles can't be sold in the US.

~200 liter limousin oak barrels

There was no caramel added to this rum.

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N-SB2013-6 50.8% 750 ml 6 818367000140
N-15YR-6 44.7% 1 L 6
N-B-6 50% 1 L 6 818367000010
N-B52.5-6 52.5% 1 L 6 818367000201
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N-SB2015-6 57% 750 ml 6 818367000164
N-VPN-6 45% 750 ml 6 818367000157
N-ESB-6 50% 1 L 6 818367000034
N-OB-6 52.5% 750 6 818367000096