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Duquesne Éleve Sous Bois Rhum Agricole - distilled by Duquesne - Martinique French West Indies

Burnished brass rhum agricole distilled from fermented fresh sugar cane juice. Aged 18 months in used whisky and bourbon barrels.

A full-flavored aged rhum agricole with ample dark fruit, oak and spice flavors from the intial taste through the rich, viscous, slightly sweet finish. The young character of this burnished brass-colored rum lends itself to cocktails that call for an aged Martinique rhum.

More information at the Ministry of Rum website.

Product Sheet

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Item ABV Volume Case UPC
D-ESB-6 40% 1 Liter 6 3 267130 034405
The second largest distillery on Martinique, the LaMauny distillery produces rhum under the La Mauny, Trois Rivieres and Duquesne labels.
La Mauny distillery

After crushing the fresh cane from surrounding farms, the fresh juice is fermented 24 hours in 30 50,000 liter stainless steel tanks.
La Mauny Fermentation

The LaMauny distillery houses several stills where La Mauny, Trois Rivieres and Duquesne rhums.
Duquesne Still
The clear distillate is distilled to about 72% ABV as is the standard for Martinique AOC rhum agricole.
Aged at least 18 months in 10,000 liter French oak vats at the estate aging warehouse.
10,000 liter limousine oak barrels
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Item No. ABV Volume Btl/Case UPC
D-B-6 50% 1 L 6 3 267130 034375